This is just the Beginning!

The new frontier ~ Zerobeyond ~ has just been born. As we begin our trial run while fine-tuning our site, the journey has just commenced. We will be growing slowly and steadily one step at a time.

Throughout my two plus decades of journalism career, I have always believed strongly and maintained ‘Quality Content’. I have always written for my readers to relish quality content to satiate their inner hunger of knowledge.

The new frontier will feature renowned personalities from the respective fields of architecture, engineering and interior designing. Our beginning has been received very well by the respective fields. We really are overwhelmed by the kind support and encouragement by some of the renowned names in the world!

The trust and kindness shown by renowned industry professionals has boosted our spirits. The road ahead is surely very challenging and exciting. As the adrenaline rush pumps in, our efforts will continue to give you the best.

Patience is the virtue, we humans have in abundance. As a neonate, we have just entered the realm of World Wide Web. I wish one and all to enjoy the new experience as we progress from day to day.

Happy Reading!

Johnny D
[email protected]

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