5th June 2024 – World Environment Day: The day is truly meaningless to celebrate, if one will not talk about the “ENVIRONMENTAL VANDALISM” in GAZA by the US-backed State of Israel and strongly supported by the EU Nations, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, Kenya, Zambia, DR Congo, Ghana and a few others. The 8+ months of Genocide in Gaza is not only about the ongoing merciless massacre of innocent 40,000 plus Palestinian babies, children, women, men, young and the old, and thousands of them buried alive in the rubble and millions displaced multiple times, but also about the “Environmental Vandalism” by Israeli forces strongly supported by the US, the Western Nations and all the above-mentioned nations.

The world was made to watch in silence the horror-of-horrors of destruction of the most densely populated GAZA by thousands of tonnes of deadly bombs, missiles and rockets since the Second World War. Not even a single MSM – Misinformation Spreading Machine, popularly known as Mainstream Media – be it Western Nations or Eastern Nations or Global South Nations ever wrote about the “Environmental Vandalism” in GAZA the Israelis are causing to push Planet Earth towards Apocalypse at a much faster pace – One nation, who has taken the whole world as hostage to their atrocities and barbaric actions to destroy Planet Earth.

Every so-called International Bodies – be it the UNO, the WHO, the ICJ, the ICC, the Geneva Convention, International Human Rights Organizations, the International War Tribunals, International Environmental Agencies, the International Bodies of Climate Scientific Groups, the MSM and others have not only shown their true colours of who they really are, but also have acted as incompetent, impotent, blind, deaf and mute, and not forgetting BIASED to allow this ongoing “Environmental Vandalism” in GAZA since the last 8+ months.

The magnitude and the effects of Israelis’ “Environmental Vandalism” in GAZA is so gargantuan that it would take more than 10+ long years to clear the rubble from the region, before reconstruction of GAZA can ever commence. We all know the construction industry is the largest polluter (70%) to push Planet Earth towards Apocalypse. Think about how thoughtlessly the Western Nations has supported the destruction of GAZA. The Western Nations are the ones preaching the whole world about “net zero emission” and all the misinformation about Climate Change. What a sham this “Environmental Vandalism” of GAZA has become!

Needless to say, billions and billions of dollars, if not trillions of dollars have been wasted by the Western Nations first to destroy GAZA, then to clean GAZA and finally rebuild GAZA once again, and all the while supporting “Environmental Vandalism” in GAZA by the Israelis. How dumb we humans have become really?

The “Environmental Vandalism” in GAZA has exposed the Western Nations’ agendas to destroy Planet Earth at its earliest by destroying nation after nations; exposed the role the MSM – Misinformation Spreading Machine to spread State’s Propaganda; exposed the International Environmental Agencies; exposed the International Climatic Scientific Agencies / Bodies / Groups; exposed the barbaric evilness of global leaders; exposed the biased functioning of the UNO; and above all exposed the INHUMANITY in today’s modern world. In reality, none of the World Leaders really care about HUMAN GREED CRISIS, popularly known as CLIMATE CHANGE or CLIMATIC CATASTROPHES.

WAR is certainly not the END OF ALL SOLUTION for any conflict(s). Common sense says, “STOP ALL WARS AND THE WHOLE WORLD WILL BECOME NORMAL!” Leaders of the world – are you reading or listening to this simple sentence of billions of people around the world, who have been rallying for CEASEFIRE in GAZA tirelessly since the last 8+ months without really caring about their own safety. It is high time to not only be and act like intelligent leaders, but also be a sensible human being of compassion for the whole world to see that you all care for Planet Earth and Human Lives.

GAZA is not just a strip of land anymore, but GAZA has become the “Globe Against Zionist’s Atrocities”! Leaders of the world, you all have not only created this monster, but also have actively taken part in “Environmental Vandalism” of GAZA and Planet Earth. That is why NATURE or PLANET EARTH is destructing every nation with ferocious onslaught to make you all realize what you all have done.

This is a small message from me on this year’s ENVIRONMENT DAY!

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