On the 9th of APRIL 2024, ECHR – European Court of Human Rights – the Top European court handed Swiss women victory in landmark climate ruling – the ‘Verdict’ will have ripple effect in Europe and beyond, likely setting precedent for how courts deal with climate cases.

On the 29th of June 2022, I had written in our Series, “Greed is more significant and prevalent than the sincere efforts by the world to put a check on “Climate Crisis” to save “Our Planet Earth”!”

The CASE OF VEREIN KLIMASENIORINNEN SCHWEIZ AND OTHERS vs. SWITZERLAND (Application no. 53600/20): In an unprecedented ruling by the ECHR – European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the Swiss Government was / is not doing enough to tackle ‘Climate Change’ aka ‘Human Greed Crisis’. Swiss Government’s weak policies violate the fundamental human rights of Swiss Citizens. It is one of the first verdicts by any international court to rule the ‘State’ is guilty for doing very little to protect its citizen from climatic catastrophes.

‘zerobeyond – the new frontier!’ has been generating awareness through our successful 10-Part Series ‘World Architects on Climate Crisis’ and  since April 2022. Through our third 12-Part Series  we are generating awareness about hundreds of climatic catastrophes around the world happening in each month of 2024, which the MSM – Mainstream Media has turned a blind eye to inform the citizens of the world, while the leaders of respective nations have not at all bothered to even address them anymore, except a few exceptions. Our small effort to generate awareness and simple logical solutions had seen the South Korean Government adopting suggestion of ‘zerobeyond – the new frontier!’

It is really interesting to note that instead of renowned scientists, Mainstream Media Editors and climate activists, who should have taken up the daunting task to question the ‘State’ for their failure to protect their citizens from ‘Human Greed Crisis, popularly coined by MSM as ‘Climate Crisis’ – it was 2,500 Swiss senior women above the age of 64 from the ‘Senior Women for Climate Protection’ known as KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz – took the case to the ECHR.

Four members of KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz complained the Swiss Government has failed to protect their health against climate crisis and its unprecedented effects that are seriously affecting them. The ECHR found and ruled that the Swiss Government has violated ‘Article 8’ of the European Convention on Human Rights. ‘Article 8’ guarantees the ‘right to respect for private and family life’.

Siofra O’Leary, the Court President stated, “The Swiss Government has failed to put in place sufficient domestic policies to tackle climate change.”

82-year-old Bruna Giovanna Olimpia Molinari, member of the group enthused, “I am 82. I won’t see the effects of the decisions today, but politicians need to change.” Hats off to all the members of KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz, who have etched a new chapter in history by fighting against all odds against the leaders of the world for doing nearly nothing to protect citizens of the world from climatic catastrophes! ‘zerobeyond – the new frontier!’ salutes the indomitable spirits of these women for taking concrete steps to hold the ‘State’ and the Leaders of Switzerland responsible and accountable for their inaction, thereby minimizing somewhat the effects of ‘Climate Crisis’ and the future for their coming generations.

Ruth Delbaere, the Legal Campaigns Director at Avaaz stated, “The Swiss ruling sets a crucial legally binding precedent serving as a blueprint for how to successfully sue your own government over climate failures.”

This is certainly a new beginning for various organizations to take their respective ‘State’ to the ECHR and hold their leaders accountable for doing little or nothing at all.

Last but not the least, the fact cannot be ruled out anymore, “Climate Crisis is directly proportional to the ‘Human Greed’ and the ‘Mismanagement’ of every nation in the world.” – Johnny D

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