1st JAN: According to the West Java Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), 1,643 residents have been evacuated due to major flooding since January 1st in Karawang regency, which has impacted four districts and five villages – INDONESIA

9th JAN: Death toll from Japanese quake jumps to 161 as snow hinders relief efforts – Thousands of households remain without power, but situation in evacuation centres are slowly improving – JAPAN

27th JAN: Wildfires rage near Colombia’s capital as temperatures soar – Forest fires have destroyed more than 17,000 hectares, with blazes burning kilometers from Bogota’s residential areas – COLOMBIA

We “Humans” have raped Planet Earth so much to satiate our greed that we are now on the brink of Apocalypse. ‘Nature’ is now showing its power of destruction and wiping out ‘Human Greed’ with such powerful force that Planet Earth is now at ‘the’ point of no return, whatsoever!

The world is losing nearly 2 to 3 trillions of dollars annually to ‘Human Greed Catastrophes’ destruction. Every nation in the world is facing the wrath of ‘Nature’ as it destructs nations’ infrastructures, houses, properties, vehicles, farmlands, forests, shops, cattle, animals, factories and above all precious lives of the citizens every single day of the year day-in and day-out. The ‘Human Greed’ has failed to safeguard the safety and sustainability of Planet Earth.

‘Human Greed’ is unprecedented and so infectious in its nature that we ‘humans’ are increasing the percentage of greed not only at an alarming pace, but also towards our modern civilization’s end. It is fascinating indeed, with 365 days of destruction happening all over the globe, we are still so busy in more destruction by bombing nations after nations to depict our destructive human nature.  

This is a new series to generate awareness about how destructive climatic catastrophes are wreaking havoc by recording various natural disasters around the globe. Each part of the series will feature each month’s climatic catastrophes to mark the dangerous days ahead!

Feature Photo: French Skyline

Photographer: Mandy Rukwa

To be continued……

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