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Real Estate Companies / Property Developers / Interior Products / Cafés / Hotels / Restaurants / Restobars / Resorts / Modular Kitchens / Sanitary Wares / Construction Equipment / Elevators / Furniture / Wardrobes / Home Automation Products / Drapes / Home Security System / Wallpapers / Malls etc…..

It has been an overwhelming journey ever since we have launched ‘zerobeyond – the new frontier!’ during the Covid19 pandemic on the 31st of August 2021. Our sincere commitment to create an unprecedented benchmark with high quality content has made ‘zerobeyond – the new frontier!’ the ‘World’s Fastest Growing Website’ in the ‘Architectural Design World’ in the shortest possible time ever achieved so far by anyone. Capturing hearts of esteemed global readers and esteemed professionals – renowned and young student-architects, interior designers and engineers – from as many as 185 nations speaks about our steady growth.

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Right from the very beginning, we have strongly emphasized on high quality content and weaving extraordinary stories about successful and upcoming talents from the three specialized fields of architecture, interior design and engineering. We have kept our global platform sans ads to facilitate good reading habits worldwide. In the last 2 years 6 plus months, our average monthly readership has exceeded 1 million plus and has been growing steadily. We have as many as 96,000 plus ‘Regular Organic Followers’ spread across 185 nations. Our steady growth has been purely organic in nature and with no angel investors whatsoever.

Organic Growth

The aim of ‘zerobeyond – the new frontier!’ is to generate much-needed awareness about climatic catastrophes happening across the world, because the MSM – Mainstream Media has forgotten its duty to do so; showcase creative individuals, who never got media coverage for their outstanding talents; encourage the younger generation to be ready for the future and develop their confidence to enter international competition; unite the creative force of the world towards a safer sustainable future; provide global networking platform for the professionals – young and renowned alike; and above all, inculcate the good-old-habits of good reading to acquire knowledge about the respective fields.  

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We have been very selective about our sincere approach right from the onset. In recent times, I am sure you all must have seen ‘6 ad spaces’ on our global platform to generate revenues for our sincere hard work. A thoughtful approach has gone in the placement of these limited ad spaces to benefit global brands for prominence, while at the same time not distracting or disturbing the flow of content and reading habits.

We extend out heartwarming invitation to all the global, national and local brands, from the above-mentioned fields, to grab our special limited space to promote their respective brands and go global with just one advertisement. We are offering a “50% Discount” on our ‘Introductory Offer’. Brands, who avail this offer, benefits with an exclusive interview of their CEO or MD. The exclusive interview with CEO or MD will be about their brand’s exclusivity, uniqueness and global reach.

We have three ad options, each with their respective ad’s rate:

(i). Banner Ad on Home Page only (Top) – Dimension 1563 x 313px

(ii). Box Ad on Home Page only – Dimension 1401 x 1167px

(iii). Side Box Ad on all the Pages – Dimension 1401 x 1167px

Interested companies or brands that are desirous to advertise with us, may contact our marketing department.

Thank you!

Johnny D – Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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