There have been 28 COP – Conference of the Parties held so far by the UNFCCC – United Nations Framework Conventions on Climate Change since 1995. The next COP29 will be held from the 11th to the 22nd of November 2024 at Baku, Azerbaijan. However, in the last 29 years COP has never discussed or even mentioned the effects of CONCRETE JUNGLES and its significant effects on Climate Change, better put as Human Greed Crisis. None of the expert groups of scientists of the world has ever put the most important factor that has disturbed the equilibrium of Planet Earth. You all must be wondering as to what and why?

The COP do discuss about “Land Use”, which covers forests, agriculture land and oceans, but they never mention or discuss about the CONCRETE JUNGLES we humans have created all over the world. Logically speaking, the googolplex, googolplex and googolplex plus (10 to the power of 100) tonnes of CONCRETE and STEEL used in the construction industry all over the world are the MAIN REASON for all the HEAT it generates to create all the Human Greed Crisis / Climatic Catastrophes. For the first time you are reading the main cause of all the Climate Crisis on ‘zerobeyond – the new frontier!’ Are you amazed?

Mexican architect Juan Carlos Baugartner, Founder of SpAce architecture firm, is the only architect so far to call a spade – ‘Spade’. He stated in our interview, “I believe that the immediate responsibility is to reduce the impact of our work on the environment. Architecture produces around 70% of polluting gases and is one of the industries that have the greatest impact on the deterioration of the planet. A country that wants to have a sustainable society will have to include those who build, design and administer architecture.”

Juan Carlos Baugartner, Founder, SpAce, Mexico City

We all know by now how the MSM – Misinformation Spreading Machine / Mainstream Media spreads Western Nations’ Agendas to mislead the citizens of the world with false information and propaganda, so you all must be amazed. Think about it why the temperatures around the world have been soaring in an unprecedented manner in the past few decades? You will realize how this ‘TRUE FACT’ has been brilliantly covered up by every Conference of the Parties by the UNFCCC and the scientific communities of the world. It is high time, COP and UNFCCC should come out clean to address the BIGGEST PROBLEM and FACT to find a solution as to how it can be mitigated, even though it is already too late.

Concretization of every piece of urban areas including roads may make a city or town look beautiful, but do we care of its massive impacts on Planet Earth? It is the STATES’ FAILURE, who has never even thought how the googolplex, googolplex and googolplex plus tonnes of CONCRETE and STEEL have pushed Planet Earth towards APOCALYPSE. Apart from the mindless policies to keep on expanding the CONCRETE JUNGLES endlessly, Western Nations are busy destructing nation after nations by waging numerous unwanted wars to enhance the perilous pace of Human Greed Crisis / Climate Crisis.

Indian Landscape Architect Ekta Rakholiya, who is currently working with Foster + Partners, London had brilliantly answered in our GEN Z Series interview, “I desperately want to be optimistic but again and again, data has made me pessimistic. Studying landscape architecture made me one step closer to understanding how serious and urgent climate issues are and how hopelessly ‘nonchalant’ we are about it.

Ekta Rakholiya, Landscape Architect, Foster + Partners, London

Architects, Landscape Architects and Urban Planners have the right knowledge and tools to help solve a few of the climate issues, but all of them are gravely limited in terms of their outreach. The profession operates under capitalist market mechanisms, which favor short-term gains over long-term solutions. It drives the whole profession in ‘let’s get it done fast’ mode.

The process of creation involves simultaneous destruction. To build a house, one must destroy some mountain or forest somewhere, take advantage of laborers to do the job of mining the material, transport it to distant urban centers, sell it to dealers who determine its selling price, and then eventually crafted or molded (again by laborers) to finally use it as a part of the house. It is a long arduous process and current market mechanisms are out of architectural profession’s reach or influence.

Unless a rapid large-scale systemic change is brought in all the sectors of the construction industry and unless we do not create a new economic model that takes long-term solutions into account, we are bound to keep continuing the current chain of destruction and head fast-track towards catastrophic disaster.”

Feature Photo: Texas Skyline by Shannon Story

Image Courtesy: Respective Architects

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