26th APRIL: 70 plus Reco rd-Breaking Tornadoes outbreak destructs 5 States of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Texas – USA

25th APRIL: Flooding and landslides in Tanzania caused by weeks of heavy rain have killed 155 people and injured 236 others; More than 200,000 people and 51,000 households have been affected by the rains– TANZANIA

25th APRIL: Deadly floods wreak havoc in Kenya’s capital; East Africa has been battered by relentless downpours in recent weeks, as El Nino exacerbates the seasonal rainfall, killing at least 11 – KENYA

24th APR: Athens turns orange under North Africa’s Sahara dust clouds; Winds from the south have covered the Greek capital in sand and raised the risk of wildfires; a total of 25 wildfires had broken out across the country in the past 24 hours – GREECE

16th APR: Apocalyptic catastrophe as Dubai Airport is sinking! The whole city goes under water – UAE

15th APRIL: Floods kill 58 in Tanzania with heavy rains persisting; More than 100,000 people have been affected by the flooding, which has hit Tanzania’s coastal areas especially hard between 1st to 14th April – TANZANIA

15th APRIL: At least 33 killed in Afghanistan as heavy rains set off flash floods; Most casualties have been from roof collapses, while some 600 houses have been damaged or destroyed, authorities say in between 12th and 14th April – AFGHANISTAN

9th APRIL 2024: Top European court hands Swiss women victory in landmark climate ruling – Verdict will have ripple effect in Europe and beyond, likely setting precedent for how courts deal with climate cases.

I happened to be the first to coin the term “Human Greed Crisis” as ‘the’ synonym for “Climate Crisis / Climate Change”. The “Genocide in Gaza” has not only exposed the MSM – Mainstream Media and Western Nations’ Propaganda to mislead the whole world, but also the ‘Human Greed Crisis’ has been beautifully termed as ‘Climate Change’ so that the term looks fancy and not alarming at all. Interestingly, in spite of 1,200 to 1,500 or even more human greed catastrophes being recorded worldwide annually, the global leaders are showing their undying passion for WARS, DESTRUCTION and MASSACRING INNOCENT CITIZENS across the globe. We, humans, certainly live in a funny and strange world! The real irony of our Modern Civilization.

Ever since ‘zerobeyond – the new frontier!’ had coined the term ‘Human Greed Crisis’ with our first 10-Part Series ‘World Architects on Climate Crisis’ in April 2022, some of the MSM are now using similar to our coined term with a slight variation. Instead of ‘Human Greed Crisis’, a very few of MSM are using the term ‘Human-Induced Crisis’. It is unprecedented that even the recent apocalyptic deluge of the self-proclaimed ‘World’s First Smart City Dubai’ has not shaken the global leaders even one bit. What is more amazing is that the MSM and a certain group of Western Nations’ scientists, who are studying the impact of ‘Human Greed Crisis’, were quick to spread the propaganda that the Dubai apocalyptic catastrophes was the result of “Cloud Seeding” – WOW!

On the 9th of April 2024, the Top European court ECHR – European Court of Human Rights’ verdict handed Swiss women victory in a landmark climate ruling. The court held the Swiss Government guilty for not doing or doing too little to protect their citizens from ‘Human Greed Crisis’. This news should have been the “MAIN HEADLINE” of every news dailies and channels, and there should have been non-stop DEBATE about this landmark ruling to hold all the other nations of the world guilty for doing nothing or doing too little to protect their respective citizens. Instead, the very next day – this NEWS died and was buried in MSM’s vault.

The very recent 100 plus record-breaking apocalyptic tornadoes torn down 5 major States of the USA to recreate the destruction scenario of Gaza, for the Americans to experience the pain of losing one’s home, in Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Iowa and Missouri, did not even make frontline headlines on the MSM. Instead of destruction by deadly bombs and missiles, it was NATURE’s turn to show its might to destruct humans’ greed. ‘Human Greed’ has surpassed the lowest level of SHAME, CONSCIENCE, DUTY and RESPONSIBILITIES!

To be continued…..

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