Climate Crisis, Urban Flaw and Global Architects – Part X

2nd FEB: Chile declares state of emergency over raging forest fires, 1000 of hectares burnt – 112 dead and the blaze in the tourist region of Valparaiso has forced many to flee their homes – CHILE

6th FEB: Worst drought recorded hits Spain’s Catalonia, sparking fears and ingenuity – SPAIN

1st JAN: According to the West Java Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), 1,643 residents have been evacuated due to major flooding since January 1st in Karawang regency, which has impacted four districts and five villages – INDONESIA

9th JAN: Death toll from Japanese quake jumps to 161 as snow hinders relief efforts – Thousands of households remain without power, but situation in evacuation centres is slowly improving – JAPAN

27th JAN: Wildfires rage near Colombia’s capital as temperatures soar – Forest fires have destroyed more than 17,000 hectares, with blazes burning kilometres away from Bogota’s residential areas – COLOMBIA

The world leaders have lost all their humanity and intelligence to enhance their cruelty to the hilt. Needless to say, massacring poor innocents and destruction of the world seems to be their only agendas to boost their egos and terrorize various nations. Saving Planet Earth by the Western Mainstream Media coverage is the myth, the Genocide in Gaza has exposed for the whole world to be aware of the destruction of the world by the world leaders. ‘zerobeyond – the new frontier!’ is the sole global platform to accentuate that the 21st Century Modern Human Civilization cannot save Planet Earth from apocalypse. I am sure the world now has woken up to this harsh truth after watching LIVE the first GENOCIDE in GAZA being played on every living room in the world.

In the concluding part of our second series ‘Climate Crisis, Urban Flaw and Global Architects’, we will unveil some of the climate crisis realities in various parts of the world being experienced year after year.

Destruction beyond Imagination:

The Genocide in Gaza by US, UK, Japan, Australia, Canada & EU Nations-led Israel is certainly experiencing the destruction beyond imagination of our lifetime – be it 30,000 plus Palestinians massacred by deadly bombs, missiles and bullets, thousands buried alive under the rubble, thousands of houses razed into rubbles, hospitals bombed, schools hit by missiles, religious and academic institutions destroyed, and needless to say every infrastructure of a civilized society being destructed to satisfy ‘the’ egos of just few world leaders. Of course, one cannot overlook the billions and billions, if not trillions, of dollars down the drain. It is neither benefitting the world leaders in any which way, nor it is reflecting a false attempt to preserve Planet Earth.   

Understanding Equilibrium of Earth’s Ecosystem:

A sixth grade geography student can decipher the Earth’s Ecosystem to make the global community of environmental scientist look silly with all their complex assertions about Climate Crisis and its causes. Nature created Earth in such a way, that its equilibrium is maintained – so there were mountains, water bodies, plains, forests, plateau, marshy lands and mangroves etc. Each region had its own advantages and disadvantages based on its creation. However, we humans have not only disturbed Earth’s ecosystem, but also exploited to destroy it to the point of no return to satiate our greed first and then our existence. Apocalypse is just waiting at the next corner to gobble Planet Earth once for all.

JAVA Island will submerge soon:

The Indonesian Capital Jakarta in JAVA Island, which is being shifted to Nusantara, scheduled to be inaugurated on the Independence Day, the 17th of August 2024, is sinking faster than ever. Nusantara is located in the east coast of Borneo Island. The 5-Phase project will be fully completed by 2045. The main reason for moving the Capital to Nusantara is the fast sinking rate of Jakarta. The JAVA Island has been experiencing drastic seashore sinking with rising sea level. Many villages in the northern coast of Central Java island have lost amazing proportion of their rice fields and surrounding areas. In fact, many villagers in Timbulsloko and Bedono are still living over rising water level by raising their houses, since they have no means to move to a safer place, because of their poor state. In fact, one will really feel helpless and empathetic to see how villagers are living with water everywhere. The Indonesian government has not bothered to help these poor villagers and shift them to a safer place.

Timbulsloko Village – Courtesy AP

In the recent years, the catastrophic floods have become so frequent in JAVA Island’s various parts that thousands have been affected by the destruction of their houses and farm fields. The floods are becoming more ferocious each time it happens to destruct lives, farms, houses, cattle and infrastructure. The Indonesian government has turned a blind eye and doing absolutely nothing to safeguard lives of the citizen.

Dumb Choices:

Each year with temperatures rising to a new level, forest wildfires across various continents have not only destroyed hectares of forest covers, but also many houses were completely burnt in those areas. However, it fails my understanding as to how we humans go back again in the same areas to rebuilt houses and live in the perilous nature. Is it not dumb to live in a forest region, when you know the fires will kill you and destroy everything you have built?

How much does your Nation compensate you for Climate Catastrophes’ Destruction and Lives Lost?

Every nation in the world has turned a blind eye towards Climatic Catastrophes and their citizens’ plight post natural calamities. The important question above should raise concern for every single citizen of the world. It is the responsibility of every nation to safeguard lives of their citizen not only from terrorist attacks, but also from climatic catastrophes. The MSM – Mainstream Media never does any stories or feature to demand questions from global leaders about their silence on this aspect. Yes, we all know that leaders only care for the billionaires of their nation to fund them to be in power, but what about the majority of the nation’s citizen? The silence of public has allowed the MSM to propagate “RESILIENCE” to divert the attention from compensation.

Insure your Properties NOW:

In the year 2023, the US only lost $80 billion to climatic catastrophes. In January 2024 itself, there were as many as 16 severe climatic catastrophes destructing various States in the USA that I am aware of. Climate Crisis has also taken a toll on many Insurance companies in the USA, who have either closed their shops or else declared insolvency. If you are reading this concluding part and do live in climate crisis prone areas, do make sure to insure your properties. Be careful before you sign on insurance papers – do carefully read all the clauses, because Insurance companies are also duping their clients by misleading clauses that will not fetch you the right amount of compensation, as many American citizens have experienced with their losses.

Instead of increasing the budget to safeguard citizen of the nation from climatic catastrophes, the World leaders are increasing their Defence budget to destruct Planet Earth each year. What a wonderful world we humans have created for our future generation!


“Human Greed Catastrophes” better known as “Climatic Catastrophes” courtesy MSM, has pushed Planet Earth to the point of no return.

Feature Photo: A Red Indian Chief watching over Earth

Photographer: (Late) Catherine Ritlaw, Nevada

NOTE: Image used for representation purpose only.

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