Climate Crisis, Urban Flaw and Global Architects – Part VIII

10th SEPT: One of the world’s most active volcanoes has erupted again in the US state of Hawaii after a two-month pause, spewing fountains of lava more than 24m (79 feet) high for the third time in 2023 – HAWII

11th SEPT: US saw record number of ‘billion-dollar’ disasters so far this year; The government agency NOAA has tallied 23 billion-dollar weather disasters, surpassing a previous record set the year before – Al Jazeera – the 23 billion-dollar disasters encompassed 18 instances of severe weather, two floods, one tropical cyclone, one wildfire event and one winter storm. Together, they caused more than 250 deaths and cost more than $57.6bn in damages – USA 

21st SEPT: Six Portuguese youth take 32 nations to European court over climate change – The group will argue at the European Court of Human Rights that government inaction discriminates against youth

The World leaders are pushing Planet Earth to perish much-much earlier than we humans can even think of! Well, the current geopolitical scenario of our world is heading towards total annihilation and there is certainly no hope at all for humans to live in a catastrophe-free world – natural or man-made. Destruction has taken precedence over preservation!

‘zerobeyond – the new frontier!’ is the only global platform in the world to state that there is absolutely no hope whatsoever to escape from Planet Earth’s doom due to ‘Human Greed Catastrophes’ since our existence. We have been regularly generating awareness for the world leaders and policymakers to take a note about the dangers of ‘Human Greed Catastrophes’ popularly known as ‘Climatic Crisis’. Unfortunately, we have been the “sole” global platform to keep writing about all the Climatic Catastrophes happening every month around the world regularly as a responsible citizen of the world.

‘zerobeyond – the new frontier!’ has been interviewing renowned and young student-architects from all across the world and asking them to provide their insights to enlighten the policymakers for a better future. It may certainly seem as a futile attempt to shake the conscience of the world leaders and policymakers to start concentrating on saving the sole planet of the humans. The sole big question is – When we cannot even save lives of thousands of children being slaughtered in Gaza with deadly bombs, how can or will we be able to save Planet Earth?

It is the time now for the citizens of the world to rise and take it in our hands to protect Planet Earth from doomsday. Many will ask how? The citizens of the world should start “insuring” their lives, houses, properties, streets and respective goods from Climate Catastrophes. Citizens of the regions / parts of the world, where climate catastrophes have become a yearly phenomenon, must start insuring themselves along with their properties for a high premium. When each year the insurance companies will have to shell out billions of dollars for all the destruction due to climate crisis, the ripple effects will shake the State authorities and the policymakers.

Architects, Urban Planners, Landscape Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers can try their level best to minimize the effects of climate crisis by few methods. However, it is the State and the policymakers, who have to take mandatory steps to be more effective to preserve Planet Earth from its doomsday. Logically speaking, I do not see humans to be on this Earth by the year 2100, that is, another 77 years. It surely is eerie even to think of the end of the world!

But do the world leaders and the policymakers even have an iota of the will to preserve Our Planet? The answer is a BIG NO!

To be continued…..

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