Climate Crisis, Urban Flaw and Global Architects – Part II

It is very important for every individual in the world to understand high fundamental terms like ‘Climate Crisis’, ‘Climate Change’, ‘Global Warming’, ‘Global Heating’ and many others at the present scenario. These terms, mainly used by the scientific community, the UNO, global leaders, climate activists and international media are not only confusing, but also to a great level are misleading in nature. Logically speaking the term(s) ‘Climate Crisis’ is a demonic myth, rather than the reality.

I can very well imagine the look of ‘askance’ on every single reader’s face, while reading this particular article. I shall try my level best to elucidate about the ‘myth’ and the ‘reality’ in a logical manner. I also would like to see you all reason it out logically by thinking hard about this demonic myth with an open mind. The sooner we understand these terms and realize its misleading nature, the better equipped we all will be to understand the significance of how we humans have been destroying ‘nature’ to satiate our greed.

Global Reality

Let me take you all back to the school days, in particular the beginning of the 6th Grade. A new subject Geography is introduced to every student in India from the 6th Grade onwards. The Geography teacher(s) teaches students about geological forms that constitute Planet Earth, namely: Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, Deserts, Mountains, Plateaux, Hills, Plains, Canyons, Buttes, Valleys, Basins, Mangroves, Forests, Marshy Lands, Swamps, Peninsulas, Bays, Ocean Basins, Mid-Ocean Ridges, Dunes, Islands, Loess, Glaciers, Deltas, grasslands and others, as I can recall from my Geography lessons. Please do forgive me, if I have missed anything in particular.

From the advent of evolution, humans have used ‘nature’ initially on the survival instinct. As we progressed, the instinct of greed took over to destroy the abundance of nature for the present generation to face the wrath of nature and the current state of being! As long as human greed exists, exploitation of nature can never be stopped. I am sure, many of you must have understood by now the misleading nature of the above-mentioned terms, as I had said earlier.

Nature is Supreme and too Powerful a phenomenon, because in spite of developing AI – Artificial Intelligence, the scientific community can never decipher ‘Nature’ in its totality. Everyone in the world is talking about lowering the emission of greenhouse gases by 1.5°C by 2030, right? But have you ever thought logically as to how humans can even think of controlling ‘Nature’, when humans have ravaged everything natural around the world? ‘Nature’ is not an air-conditioned room, where in you can reduce or increase the temperature with a remote control. Think about it!

How many of the above-mentioned geological forms have we humans preserved or conserved (like heritage structures of the world) of our Planet Earth? Nature created these geological forms to balance Planet Earth with billions of species to live in an equilibrium state. Human greed is the biggest enemy of Planet Earth. Plateaux, hills, forests, rivers, lakes, ponds, deserts, grasslands, mangroves and many other forms have all vanished, and gradually vanishing from the global landscape. It is logical to come to a consensus that it is the ‘Human Greed Crisis’ rather than ‘Climate Crisis’. We have reached to a point of no return.

Let me take you all to a reality trip to understand why it is not possible to save Planet Earth now. I have very high respect towards climate warriors or activists of the world, who are raising the level of awareness about the demonic myth ‘Climate Crisis’ by protesting at various places and nations around the world. However, I have one simple question for all of them – What alternative(s) do we (the world) really have, if we stop the use of all the ‘Fossil Fuels’ – Oil, Gas, wood and Coal? Think hard and think logically and you will get the answer. The world would come to a grinding HALT!

The whole world runs on oil, gas, wood and coal – the aviation, transportation, shipping, locomotive, power, water, food, administrative, construction, household and the manufacturing industries are all running because of the fossil fuels. To stop using fossil fuels means, we need another alternative fuel source just like the multiple roles played by the fossil fuel industry. At the present scenario or in near future too, we may never have one. Yes, we certainly do have solar, windmill generated and the nuclear power, but they are insufficient to run the whole world unlike the fossil fuels. This is the big reality of our world.

The scientific community, the UNO and the global leaders are all emphasizing to lower the emission of greenhouse gases by 1.5°C by 2030. I have couple of simple questions for all of them – How do we really calculate or measure the emission of greenhouse gases all across the world at a given time or period? Who are really these people or experts, who are measuring these emissions in various countries? Logically speaking, this is ‘the big assumption game’ and certainly not the reality. It is just not possible for the 11,000 scientists (who had endorsed in the January 2020 article in Bioscience Journal) to keep a tab of the world’s emission.

The first World Climate Conference was held in 1979. In the last 43 plus years, has the human greed subsided? In fact, it has multiplied multi-folds as we have seen during the Covid19 phase. The scarcity of sands gave birth to robo sand, bricks are being replaced by cement bricks and there are shortage of grit to construct roads and the list goes on and on…. Humans are still chopping off forest to construct houses and furniture and it is never going to stop as the world population has increased to a whopping 8 billion.

Each year, global leaders and climate experts attend World Climate Crisis Summit. Big statements and announcements make bold headlines on prominent international media and yet, the rich nations never agree with the poor nations, and vice-versa. UN always makes huge statements about Climate Crisis and its exigencies, but the total amount of $100 billion never seem to get accumulated at the UN. Human greed surpasses all the issues and actions at hand.

Nations have no money to safeguard our sole Planet Earth, but look at nations who have so much money to destruct other nations with deadly bombs, missiles, rockets and what not. This is the harsh reality of our world.

‘Climate Crisis’ is a Myth! ‘Human Greed Crisis’ is the Reality!

Feature Photo: Cannes Old Port

Photographer: Soraya Decanini

To be continued…..

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