2023 – The Year that it was!

Destruction over Preservation: The year 2023 will go down in history as one of the most violent and genocidal year of the 21st Century! Destruction of Planet Earth has taken precedence over preservation of Planet Earth. The “Genocide in Gaza” by the sole Apartheid State of the world has exposed the US, UK, Germany, France, other EU nations, Australia, Canada, Japan and many other nations, who have shown greater significance of destruction, while the Western Mainstream Media has blatantly helped to spread the false narratives and propaganda as thousands of Palestinian babies, children, women, old and young were and is being massacred by tonnes of deadly bombs and missiles.

Increasing onslaught of Climatic Catastrophes: The increasing onslaught of “human-greed catastrophes”, better termed by western mainstream media as “climatic catastrophes”, has been increasing at an alarming rate as compared to the past year or decade. The world has witnessed in silence and blindly, the destruction of major cities around the world with billions of properties lost, billions of citizens displaced, animals and cattle succumbing to floods and forest fires, and farmlands and forest covers destroyed, and not forgetting the least as millions of lives are being lost in mere 365 days is truly unprecedented. Furthermore, as if these catastrophic onslaughts were not enough to satiate human greed, the world leaders are busy destructing various nations by waging wars in various countries relentlessly with no sign of conscience, compassion or any gains to preserve our sole Planet Earth. What a great world we have developed to live in!

Time for the Younger Generation to Step Up: If not now, when? There is hardly any time left for all of us to be gobbled up by Apocalypse. We humans cannot, I repeat cannot save Planet Earth from Apocalypse now! This is the harsh reality of our so-called modern civilization, whose stone-age barbarism is evidently at display with great pomp and glory, courtesy the Western Mainstream Media and the Global Media alike. ‘zerobeyond – the new frontier!’ has provided the much-needed global platform for the younger generation to not only showcase their futuristic design creations, but also voice their concerns and suggest pre-emptive measures to mitigate the effects of climate crisis.

It may seem like a very miniscule step for the world, to recognize the impact of our GEN Z Series that can or is bringing to the larger picture, to minimize the herculean task of containing climatic catastrophes. Nevertheless, we have been able to make sincere effort for the younger generation of architects, engineers, urban planners, landscape architects and interior designers around the world to realize, understand their responsibilities and the significant role they are playing in mitigating the drastic effects of climate crisis to save Planet Earth. It is “the” time for the younger generation to step up their role to insist from policymakers and world leaders to take action to safeguard their perilous future, if there is one at all.

The World is a Lost Cause: We humans may have come a long way since Darwin’s Evolution Theory to the world being destructed using AI – Artificial Intelligence – surprisingly, the “Human Greed” has not changed even one miniscule of an atom and has remained constant to keep growing into a monstrous trait in the past thousands and thousands of years to the level of Earth’s destruction. Great achievement indeed!

Gaza Genocide
Palestine Solidarity
Freedom for Palestine
Annihilation of Gaza Strip
Massacre of babies, children, women, young and the old

2024 – Freedom for Palestine – Pray for Palestinians: Every end brings a new beginning as the new beginning progresses towards it end. The year 2023 will end tonight and 2024, the New Year will commence its journey to end exactly 365 days later. Citizens across the world aspire and want only one thing in 2024 from the world leaders – Freedom for Palestine in 2024! I have been greatly affected mentally and am emotionally drained out completely watching the heinous and inhumane crimes of “Genocide in Gaza” as the world leaders mercilessly support massacring of innocent newborn babies, babies, children, women, young and old in thousands to satiate their endless greed and egos to be supreme.

“Nature is Supreme” and we humans need to respect it with all our humility and realize its “Supremacy” over all our intelligence put together!

Feature Photo: The photograph is used for representation purpose only

Photo Courtesy: Palestinian News & Information Agency (Wafa), in contract with APAimages

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