World Environment Day 2023

The Japanese firms and megabanks funding rainforest destruction – Brazil and Southeast Asian countries are in the midst of intense struggles against the destruction of their rainforests. And while these forests lay thousands of miles from Japan, environmentalists and economists alike say investor, company and consumer behavior are all indirectly responsible for clearing forests, polluting indigenous communities and hastening climate change. – The Japan Times, dated 4th June 2023

The 5th of June is earmarked as the World Environment Day by the United Nations General Assembly, established 51 years ago in 1972. It is the day when the world celebrates to raise awareness and encourage action for the protection of Planet Earth. Just one day of awareness and protection, and then for the next 364 days, the human greed continues to destruct Planet Earth to satiate its hunger for trillions of dollars. Ironic and so very pathetic indeed!

The human-greed crisis has been termed so craftily as ‘Climate Crisis’, ‘Global Warming’, ‘Natural Disasters or Catastrophes’ etc., etc. Interestingly, the scientific community and the global leaders are not only misleading their respective citizens, but also not doing enough to safeguard the sole planet we all have. Fascinating it is to see that with all the tons of ‘data’ available at the disposal of every single nation, little or almost nothing concrete is being done to safeguard the 8 plus billion global citizen.

The Real Environmentalist

Plastic menace is day by day becoming perilous in most of the countries around the globe. And the use of plastic continues to make trillions of dollars for manufacturers to fill their coffers. Instead of putting the responsibilities on the plastic manufacturers, we all have seen poor vendors are targeted and slapped fines for making use of plastic bags etc., etc. The good old days were good when your talcum powder, toothpaste, cooking oil container etc., etc were all metallic. For fetching more profit, every manufacturer in the world had and has switched to plastic packaging. The deadly consequence is evident today for everyone to raise their eyebrows for a second, and then the ‘who cares attitude’ continues.

Whenever I see tiny tots smiling with their brightest eyes, my heart really cries, because I know these tiny tots are not only heading towards their dangerous future, but also Planet Earth will become too-too hostile for their every day’s existence.

On an average, monthly the world records as many as 100 to 120 human-greed catastrophes. There has not been a single day, when a climatic catastrophe has not taken its toll on global citizen. Yes, human-greed catastrophes, popularly known as ‘Climatic / Natural Catastrophes’ is happening on a daily basis – 90 to 95% of them are never even reported by international news media. But when you research on a daily basis, you will get to see horrific videos of people’s houses, cars, cattle, people being swept away, buried under landslides and earthquakes and …..

The diligence global leaders have shown from time immemorial to engage in unwanted wars killing millions of innocents and destructing other nations’ property, and above all, Planet Earth is truly stupendous and ironic! It is true, no one really cares for Planet Earth as long as one’s coffers are being filled with dollars and gold biscuits.

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