Time to Restore NATURE!

Humans’ greed has raped the Planet Earth to such an extent that we have reached a ‘point of no return’! Climate catastrophes continue day in and day out to lash nations after nation with full force, yet we have not learned our lessons to protect the only planet that is our only habitat. While we are ignoring to restore our Planet Earth to overcome climate catastrophes, ironically every nation in the world is spending billions of dollars each year to conserve and restore ancient structures – most of them dilapidated.

Caubian Island, Philippines

From Australia to Canada and Brazil to Japan – every nation is facing the onslaught of ‘Nature’s wrath’ in devastating proportions. Nations across the world have faced and are facing floods, flash floods, heavy rainfall, heavy snowfall unheard of before, deserts being covered with snow or flash floods, hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, hailstorms, earthquakes, landslides, forest fires and needless to say volcanic eruptions regularly. Gone are the days, when all these natural calamities were only reported in the third world or poor nations.

Typhoon Battered Caubian Island

Cars and vehicles are being swept away in all the major cities of the world like childhood paper boats due to heavy rainfall and flash floods. The devastating videos captured by concerned citizens of the world have made everyone aware of the catastrophic times ahead, if we are not serious enough to start restoring ‘Nature’ NOW! Honestly, I have no hope whatsoever and that is why I am writing this editorial piece for the world to react and act, ACT NOW!

Climatic Catastrophe

As kids, we were all taught Geography in school(s). We were taught about the geographical features of the Planet Earth – Plateaus, Mountains, Hills, Canyons, Valleys, Peninsulas, Bays, Seas, Oceans, Volcanoes, Great Ocean Basins, forests, deserts, Mangroves, Lakes, Rivers, etc. Each of these geographical features was responsible to control climatic patterns to create equilibrium on Planet Earth. However, humans’ greed have seen plateaus turning into concrete jungles, hill ranges razed to create more concrete jungles, evergreen forests chopped off to satiate the greed of humans, mangroves turning into more concrete jungle. Well, the list is endless!

Life Devastated

When it comes to restoring Planet Earth, the big rich nations blame the poor nations and vice-versa. Each year, billions of dollars are spent to conduct climate summit and at the end – the consequence of the summit is a BIG ZERO! So the question haunts every concerned citizen of the world is – Are we really serious enough to save our Planet Earth?

The world is too busy in destruction of Planet Earth rather than restoring it. 10 years ago, I had written in my social network, “The moment ‘Nature’ is controlled by humans, DESTRUCTION follows! Forests grow on its own in abundance without any care or maintenance and humans’ control.”  

Where is my future heading?

This tiny boy is asking just one question to the whole world – Where is my future heading?

Johnny D


Image Courtesy: Eva Jasmin

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