Imagine our world without fossil fuel! How our world would be? Are you stunned to read these two statements? There would be no aviation industry, auto industry, rail industry, space industry and shipping industry – just talking about the transportation sector. The cloth industry, the food industry, the home industry, the heating industry, the construction industry, the weapons industry and the list can go on and on…. In short, we humans cannot even dream of a life without the ‘Fossil Fuel’ – Right?  

The evolution of humans is all because of the discoveries and invention of ‘Fossil Fuel’. Our civilization would still be primitive like in the good old days of ‘Stone Age’ hunting and eating everything raw. This is serious and needs great thinking by each one of us.

Our Planet Earth runs and functions because of ‘Fossil Fuel’! Do we have any other alternatives to replace the ‘Fossil Fuel’? The answer is simply NO – PERIOD!

The ‘Fossil Fuel Syndrome’ was created by the US, Western Nations and its allies as early as the advent of the Second World War (1st September 1939 – 2nd September1945) under the PR Agency of UNO from the 24th of October 1945. In the last 79 years, numerous wars have been fought, nations destroyed and destructed with billions of babies, children, women, men, young and old massacred for no fault of theirs. I am putting wars fought since 2003 till date, which is an amazing 132 Wars in the last 21 years.

2003 to 2009 – 45 Wars

2010 to 2019 – 56 Wars

2020 till date – 31 Wars

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In the last editorial post NATURE Vs HUMAN GREED – Part III, we have seen that the Construction Industry produces around 70% of polluting gases and is one of the main industries that have the greatest impact on the deterioration of the planet. But, the Western Nations’ MSM – Misinformation Spreading Machines / Mainstream Media has been spreading propaganda that ‘Fossil Fuel’ is the one responsible for the “Human Greed Crisis”, popularly termed “Climate Change / Crises”. Interestingly, please take a look at the nation-wise OIL RESERVES and you will understand what I am pointing towards!

The US, Western Nations and its allies (25 in numbers*) have just 13.1325% of the total world oil reserves. 86.8675% of the oil is possessed by 73 other nations. Venezuela with 18.2% holds the No. 1 position in the world, but the US under the aegis of the UN has pushed the nation towards economic crisis, political instability and destroyed the nation with embargo, sanctions and multiple coups to such an extent that in spite of being the top oil reserves nation, it has been struggling since the past few decades. The cases of Iran (No. 4), Iraq (No. 5) and Yemen with 0.18% are similar too.

Note the nations on the list and one will be bewildered to see the clear pattern of US and Western Nations’ intervention in destroying oil producing nations one after another since 1945. Iran, Iraq, Russia, Libya, China, Pakistan, Brazil, Algeria, Syria and many others have been destroyed one way or the other, so that no oil producing nation can pose a threat to the Western Nations’ domination and its hegemony. If it is not war, political unrest is created so the democracy would collapse to give birth to various crises in the nation. The “Pattern” is so evident that I am surprised why not even a single investigative journalist in the world has ever written about this harsh reality.

Ukraine with 0.024% oil reserves has and is being destroyed in the same systematic pattern, while simultaneously affecting Russia (4.8%) – killing two birds with one stone. Ukraine has been duped with NATO membership to destabilize Russia for the US and Western Nations’ allies to gain in the long term. Ukraine gained destruction, deaths, displacement, debts in billions/trillions and will never ever recover economically to become a stabilized nation again.

Even though, Israel with 0.0008% is US strongest ally, how brilliantly it has been destroyed with all the unwanted wars with Lebanon and Palestine in a systematic pattern in the last 7 plus decades. The Genocide in Gaza, sponsored by US, UK, EU and other Western Nations’ allies, has Israel ironclad backed to destroy Gaza, so that “Gaza Marine” can be stolen officially. “Gaza Marine” is a natural gas field off the coast of the Gaza Strip. The “Gaza Marine” natural gas field is located in water about 36 kilometres (22 miles) offshore at a depth of 2,000 feet (610 m). The field was discovered in 2000 by BG Group and it is estimated to contain more than 1 trillion cubic feet (28.32 km3) of natural gas.

The next nation on the list is Saudi Arabia. The reason is Saudi Arabia’s strong stance at the South Africa’s case of GENOCIDE against Israel at the ICJ, which really surprised the US, Western Nations and its allies. The pattern is a slow, long term and a steady process towards destruction. First the US and Western Nations supply weapons to show their strong support and solidarity to fight off the enemies. Then through the back door, they enter to destroy the nation’s culture. As in the case of Saudi Arabia, it was termed as a “Historic: Saudi Arabia Hosts First Ever Swimsuit Fashion Show at Red Sea Fashion Week” on the 18th of May 2024. Saudi Arabia, where women needs to cover themselves in hijab and dressed modestly, has been infiltrated and heading towards destruction like all the other oil producing nations. This is just the beginning.  The result will be evident after few years or a decade maximum.

It is the googolplex, googolplex and googolplex tonnes of concrete and steel to build concrete jungles, which has endangered the existence of Planet Earth. We are already on the brink of Apocalypse. This time, there is no escape!

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