The Human Greed Crisis’ onslaught from America to Asia, European to African continent and Latin American nations to island nations of Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australian continent has become more vicious and catastrophic in nature, scale and magnitude. And yet, the global leaders and the MSM – Mainstream Media better rephrased as “Misinformation Spreading Machine” are as nonchalant as they have been since ages and will remain so in future too. In fact, the global leaders’ devilish nature of destruction of nation after nations never seems to satiate their greed. The greed that has pushed Planet Earth towards fast-paced APOCALYPSE!

It is interesting to note that the term “Climate Change” was thoughtlessly coined in the late 18th Century by Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius for the very first time, if you google. In the year 1896, Svante Arrhenius for the first time predicted that changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels could substantially alter the surface temperature through the greenhouse effect. However, he never really connected his prediction with what would happen when we humans would destroy mountains, plateaux, rivers, mangroves, lakes, fertile land, plains, marshy land, hills, forests and deserts.  

In 1938, Guy Callendar connected carbon dioxide increases in Earth’s atmosphere to global warming. Astonishingly, in the 1960s, the evidence for the warming effect of carbon dioxide gas became increasingly convincing, once again without connecting the reference to destruction of the above-mentioned mountains etc. Climate Change is as old as 128 years and we have really done nothing to prevent this phenomenal existential crisis to protect our human civilization. TYPICAL and IRONICAL indeed!

However, I had coined the term “Human Greed Crisis” in the year 2022, when I first introduced the series “World Architects on Climate Crisis”. I coined “Human Greed Crisis” as the best possible synonym of “Climate Crisis”, because everything that is happening around the world is the cause of human greed. Human Greed has destructed everything that was in abundance on our Planet Earth resulting in all the gargantuan catastrophes that is taking place every single day of the year 24 x 7.

Logically speaking, the term “Climate Crisis” should have been coined as “Climate Destruction”, because that is exactly what has been happening since the last 128 years and earlier Centuries. Climate has been destructed to satiate human greed. Global leaders and the MSM – Misinformation Spreading Machine has played THE significant role in destructing climate ever since we humans realized how climatic changes are directly proportional to our destructive actions. Did we changed our actions to keep the checks and balances (as every company in the world does in accounting to keep a tab on its ‘Profit’ and ‘Loss’ year after year) to protect our Planet Earth? We all know the answer is the big ‘NO’!

The blind, deaf and mute attitude and functioning of the Misinformation Spreading Machine has been greatly responsible for the situation Planet Earth is in today. You barely see reporting of human greed crisis by any mainstream media. Yes, you will always see the Western Mainstream Media reporting with big-big headlines and coverage about Climatic disasters happening in the Asian, Latin American and African nations, but when American or European and its allies’ nations goes under water – there is absolutely no coverage whatsoever. Interestingly, it is always the secondary Western channels or news dailies that will be showcasing the magnitude of destruction in their respective nations, thereby exposing the MSM of its biased reporting.

The Genocide in Gaza has exposed the Western Mainstream Media of its hypocrisy and biased reporting for the whole world to understand how the media works. No, MEDIA is certainly not the fourth pillar of Democracy, because the myth has been exposed to showcase its reality. MSM is either owned by the State or else billionaires, who run the nations. MEDIA is the Misinformation Spreading Machine of the State and the Rich Elites, who hold powers of respective nation, to spread propaganda against nations they do not like or wants to destroy.

The real role of the Mainstream Media is to question the governments and leaders of the world as to why the governments are not safeguarding lives of its citizens from Climate Destruction. Why they are not doing anything to protect Planet Earth? Why effective policies are not being implemented to better the infrastructure of the nations? Well, there are infinite questions that the Mainstream Media should be asking respective nation’s government and leaders to benefit the lives of nation’s citizens. But when the State, Global Leaders and the MSM are hand in gloves with each other, “Climate Destruction” is what you get 24 x 7 x 365 days.

More vicious and harmful than the carbon emission are the Mainstream Media, who have turned a blind eye to report about Human Greed Crisis and push the global leaders to be held accountable for their failure and incompetence to save Planet Earth and lives of their citizens. The MSM – Mainstream Media has become the leading force, who is responsible for all the Climatic Destruction, by not performing their duties towards saving respective nations, all the while spreading propaganda about climate destruction.

Here, I wish to thank every citizen journalist and YouTube vloggers, who are putting their sincere efforts to report and showcase Climatic Destruction all over world with their true commitment to generate awareness about the catastrophic destructions that is happening day in and day out.

YouTube Channels – Vulnerability*, NAU Channel*, IDH Weather News*, ALLATRA TV Official*, Alerts On*, HAG Weather*, Natural Disaster US*, revenge of nature*, Under Sphere* and many others are updating climatic destruction on a daily and hourly basis. These YouTubers should be encouraged and hailed as Climate Destruction Saviour and Heroes for their commitment to keep posting videos about the human greed crisis and its magnitude.

Human Greed is a “syndrome” that is fast-pacing Planet Earth towards APOCALYPSE!

Feature Photo: Burning Man

Photographer: Johnny D

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