Climate Crisis, Urban Flaw and Global Architects – Part IX

26th – 27th NOVEMBER 2023: At least three killed as storm hits Russia, Ukraine’s Black Sea coast – Hundreds of thousands of people without power as fierce storm devastates infrastructure – RUSSIA & UKRAINE

27th NOVEMBER 2023: Lightning strikes in India’s Gujarat kill 24, more rains predicted – Gujarat is not unfamiliar with rain-related calamities but big rainstorms are not expected in the state during winter months – INDIA

21st NOVEMBER 2023: Somalia floods kill 50 people, nearly 700,000 displaced: Disaster agency – More than 1.7 million people are in need as torrential rains destroy homes and livelihoods in Horn of Africa – SOMALIA

20th NOVEMBER 2023: ‘Out of control’ fires endanger wildlife in Brazil’s Pantanal wetlands: The area famed as a paradise of biodiversity sees 2,387 fires in the first 13 days of November alone – BRAZIL

The ‘Genocide in Gaza’ has exposed the world leaders’ hegemonic and catastrophic agendas of destruction around the world; the role of the Western Mainstream Media to spread false narratives / lies of the State propaganda; and the gruesome cruelty of inhumanity towards poor helpless innocent citizens of the world. The Western MSM – Mainstream Media are either owned by billionaires or else are State-owned for spreading State Propaganda. The myth that MSM is the “Fourth Pillar of Democracy” has in fact become the “Demons of the Crazies” in reality!

The world must have realized now, how the “Human-Greed Crisis” was brilliantly coined as “Climate Crisis” by the Western MSM to mislead the whole world to satiate the greed of the world leaders and the rich of the richest! Do we really have any hope of saving Planet Earth? Well, ‘zerobeyond – the new frontier!’ has been writing on the topic since April 2022 in the two series ‘World Architects on Climate Crisis’ and ‘Climate Crisis, Urban Flaw and Global Architects’. We are the only global platform, who has been writing about the harsh reality with logical explanation of “NO HOPE” whatsoever to save Planet Earth.

Apocalypse is knocking on everybody’s door! The sooner apocalypse comes, the better – so that every poor’s miseries end once for all. No, I am certainly not an alarmist! I see the reality as it is. I have never agreed to live my life in an illusionary realm the Western Mainstream Media has woven for the world to dream about with their false narratives. The current spate of catastrophic human-greed crisis happenings around the world indicates that apocalypse is right at the next corner. Unprecedented floods, devastating earthquakes, powerful cyclones- storms-hurricanes-tornadoes, wildfires and never-before-seen landslides, hailstorms and rising temperatures are all indicating just one thing – Apocalypse is going to happen very-very soon!

The Western Mainstream Media and the world leaders have made the world to believe that ‘if we are able to reduce the carbon emission by 45% by 2030 to keep global warming to no more than 1.5°C as per the Paris Agreement, whereby to reach net zero by 2050’. However, have you ever really thought or else read about concrete action plan(s) that how respective nations are implementing on the real grounds? One will never find it happening, because at every Climate Crisis Summit, the UN Secretary General fails miserably to accumulate the much-needed funds of $1 trillion annually for implementing concrete action plan and come to a common consensus.

Interestingly, all the developed nations, who have no funds for climate crisis action plan, have billions and billions of dollars for unwanted wars to prove their hegemony to run their respective economy by constant arms’ sale, and not forgetting destruction of small-small nations they do not like to see them developed. This is the harsh reality of the world we live in today. Who really cares about the world or lives of their respective citizens?

Day in and day out cities around the world are being battered by catastrophic human-greed crisis with thousands of lives being lost, trillion dollars of properties, houses and vehicles being destructed, millions of cattle and animals dead and not forgetting hectares and hectares of farmlands getting submerged due to unprecedented flooding and billions of hectares of forest cover being lost to wildfires worldwide each year. And what do the respective State do to prevent all of the above? It is hilarious and ironical indeed – first responders will evacuate affected region’s population, feed the citizen for 10 to 15 days and then give speech to be “resilient” and then everything is forgotten till the next catastrophes.

The Western Mainstream Media has even turned a blind eye towards reporting human-greed crisis and catastrophes. If you take an annual average of climatic catastrophes around the world, you will be shocked to know that in 365 days, more than 1200 plus catastrophes are catastrophically destructing Planet Earth. World leaders do not even announce State Emergency any more. Compensation, if at all given is way too little or meagre.

Planet Earth is all set for its doomsday! It is a matter of time of how many more years!

To be continued…..

Feature Photo Courtesy:  Chennai Airport – AFB / PIB

NOTE: The ‘Feature Photo’ is used for representation purpose only.

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